Hohoe clashes: We can’t find missing regalia – Zongo chief

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The leadership of the Zongo community in Hohoe has sent a notice to the Office of the National Chief Imam that they are unable to find the missing regalia belonging to the Paramouncy of the Gbi Traditional Area.

According to the Chief of Hohoe Zongo, Alhaji Tajudin Meriga, the leadership wants the Chief Imam to know that their search has not been fruitful so far.

The regalia of the Paramount Chief of Hohoe, Togbega Gabusu, went missing during the communal clashes between the Zongo community and the indigenes of Hohoe.

The Zongo Chief, however, said although the people are still apprehensive about the situation, the area is calm adding that “as at now we’ve not been able to find anything like that.”

He added: “Some of the things we don’t know how it is so unfortunately we’ve not been able to find anything. We’ve sent the news back to the Office of the National Chief Imam and we’re waiting for his responds.

“In situations like this everybody is apprehensive and the security is doing their best, I am currently in Hohoe and nobody has been prevented from going out.”

The Gbi Traditional Authorities extended the deadline for the return of the lost regalia after the first deadline elapsed, but as it stands they might have to specify what the items are or further extend the deadline.

Two people died from the communal clashes.

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