Wulensi Youth threaten to sue EC

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A group calling itself the Concerned Youth of Wulensi is threatening to sue the Electoral Commission if it rescinds its decision to conduct by-election in the Wulensi constituency.

This counter threat follows that of the NPP, NDC, PNC and CPP who have equally threatened to sue the EC if it goes ahead to conduct the by-election with the old voter’s register.

Speaking in an interview with Citi News, Baris Sulemana, the spokesperson for the Concerned Youth of Wulensi said, “Our MP passed away and the law requires that we should have replacement through by-election but we just heard yesterday that some political parties are trying to restrain the EC from going ahead to conduct a by-election in the area.”

He insisted: “We are not happy with it and we want to sound it clearly to the parties out there that if they succeed in preventing the EC from conducting the by-election we will also stop them from contesting the general elections because they do not have the right to deny us our democratic right to have an MP.”

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